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Sod installation 

Every homeowner dreams of having healthy and green grass on his lawn. An excellent looking garden always increases the value of the property. By this, you can imagine the importance of lush green grass in your yard. There are two methods of growing grass in your garden. One approach is to through grass seeds, and another is Sod. A great looking garden can be created very easily through Sod, without much effort.

Sod is grown grass that is raised by a professional. This turfgrass can be rolled out like a rug and can be installed in your yard. In Sod the grass is bound together by a thin root system or a layer of biodegradable material. The primary places where turf grass is used are:

Golf courses.
Lawns in Offices, Schools, and homes.
Recreation areas.
In addition to these, there are some other advantages of the sod installation which include:

Erosion Control in Sloped Areas
Improves the Air and Water Quality
Enhance Drainage and Reduction of Floods
Pros and Cons of Sod

When coming to choose between Sod and Seed there is some notable debate between the two. Check these important pros and cons of sod which helps you to choose the right produce suiting your property.

Pros :

The lawn is grown faster: Prevention of Soil erosion makes the garden to grow faster. Also, turfgrass helps in controlling the velocity of the storm run, whereas the seeds are washed away in the rain.

Sod is more reliable: Seed can fail in germinating, but the Sod can be installed without any fail.

Flexibility: The Sod can be installed at any period. Grass seeds must be sowed in the rainy season, but sod can be planted even if the temperatures are high or low.

Sod requires less water: Even if you forget to water the sod for some days, then also the turf can survive without water for some days.

Mowing can be started at an early stage.

Cons of the Sod :

Expensive: The cost of Sod is more when compared to the seed. If using for the more significant area then you should keep an eye on the value involved.

Sod is harder to install, and you need a Professional: Proper preparation of the soil is required for the installation of the turf.

Limited Options: Not all varieties of grass can be found as turfs. Only some essential types of grasses are coming as Sod, but there are more varieties of Seed available.

So what to choose? Sod or Seed Grass? Some essential factors are to be considered while choosing between the Sod and Seed grass. They are discussed below:

Sod vs Seed

1. Money Factor

One of the major factor involved in the choice between Sod or Seed is the money factor. Which one is cheaper and which one is costlier?

As a known factor Sod is more expensive than the seed. This is because Sod is grown by a Professional and time and money are involved in developing the grass into Sod. You are paying for the grass that is already produced, so it’s costlier. On the other hand, seed grass is grown by you in your lawn by putting your efforts. So Seed is much cheaper than Sod.

So if budget is the deciding factor in choosing between Sod and Seed, then Seed is the perfect choice for you.

2. Time Factor

The other major factor is time. Sod is effortless and can just be installed in the garden by yourself or with the help of professional. If you need a healthy and green lawn in a short period, then Sod is the best choice. Roots of the Sod also establish faster in the place where installed.

Whereas in the Seed, time is taken for the grass to sprout and grow. The grass has to establish itself into the ground, and this is a very long process. If you can wait for the grass to grow from the seed than go for seeding in the garden. Once you have decided to go for seed, then you should be careful in the regular weeding, and other works like watering and fertilization must be done at the right time.

3. Quality Factor

Quality is another major factor that is to be considered.

Sod: Maybe sod look weed free in the beginning but this was not guaranteed in the long run. Only limited variety of grass is grown as Sods. Sod is Weed free and is an excellent alternative for slope areas and also areas which are prone to erosion. Soil erosion can be controlled with the help of sod. It is the best choice where seeds struggle to open up and grow. Turf is also the cleanest choice that can be made for beautifying your lawn.

Seed: Though it takes more time to establish, seeds have stable growth in the lawn. In seed, many varieties can be chosen for laying in the garden. Like like Sod, seed grass also establishes well into the soil. But for some areas, seeding could be frustrating and time taking. If the germination does not take place at the right time, then again seeding is necessary. To remove any patches in the garden, reseeding is essential to remove all the patches in the lawn.


Still, not able to decide on going for Sod or Seeds in your lawn?

Don’t Worry! Our Professionals at Innovative Landscape Solutions Inc will help you in selecting the right turf for your yard and installation of the grass. Our lawn-loving team will help you to accomplish a lush lawn. If you need any clarification regarding the Sod? Then call us at 978-407-5995 for more details. Contact us for expert Grass Seeding and Sod Installation solutions. We are transforming homes and businesses in and around Middlesex , MA into beautiful landscaping properties for more than 15 years. Get a Free Estimate Now!

Spring cleanup

Each year towards the end of winter we look forward to Groundhog Day to allow us to know what to expect for the rest of the season. With spring landscaping in mind, the primary factor to do on the lawn every year gives it the “squirt” test. Begin by taking a step down hard on the floor. If water squirts up around your shoe, stay out. You can do extra harm than correct by walking on this floor and compacting it. If you pass the squirt test, it’s time for spring clean up so call your landscaper today. So what does a spring clean-up entail precisely? Here is what you can expect from your committed local landscaping service.

Light Pruning Of Winter Damage On Shrubs

The best time to prune useless or damaged trees is late winter or early spring (February, March, and early April) before they start to leaf out. Some trees, which include maples, “bleed” heavily while pruned in late winter or early spring season. But, the heavy bleeding does not harm the trees. The trees won’t bleed to death and the float of sap will steadily slow and prevent. It is crucial to remember the fact that pruning is a process, not an event. Each property can be assessed personally and your needs can be decided based on your flower production and the growing season.

Clean Out Leaves And Sticks From The Lawn

The primary project is to clean out the sticks and leaves from the garden beds. A landscaper gets out any amassed leaves and damaged branches by raking or blowing them, after which get ready to do the most important cleanup task, that is disposing of all the old mulch from the beds. During spring clean up service is the proper time to begin checking to see whether the floor is thawing out or not. If you don’t remove old mulch, it can build up over time and smother the plants and flowers. That is why it is essential to remove old mulch from the beds which will let your flowers breathe.

Cleanup Of The Buffer Area Along Wooded Areas

A buffer zone is the strip of natural greenery alongside the bank of a water body that separates the water from developed areas including your building or garden. If you have a water body in your house, there’re many reasons to protect, maintain, and beautify the buffer area around it.. keeping buffers on streams of all sizes not only protects the water but additionally allows the water to filter thru the soil and replenish groundwater.

Blowing Off Hardscapes

A local landscaping service can visit your property as needed to trim and clean grass clippings and particles from hardscape areas. Maintaining a taller grass height discourages weed growth and encourages deeper roots, which assist your garden to survive extended periods of weathering.

Spade Edging All Gardens

Nothing sets off your garden beds like a pleasant, crisp edge. Whether you’ve flowers and foliage or fruit and vegetables, a garden bed is enhanced through edging. Edging focuses the viewer’s attention like a frame around an image. In commercial buildings, it is important to have this service to correctly represent your business beginning from the outside. The proper landscape of any property speaks volumes about the property and owners.

Thatching And/Or Cleanup Of Lawn Area

Cleanup of your lawn is accomplished and may continue on an as-needed basis if you are interested in similar maintenance. Lawn areas can be wiped clean of leaves and other winter debris for the spring. This method involves power raking the lawn with a machine. The machine that is used will loosen and bring to the surface loads of thatch. To ensure proper cleanup of the garden the thatch is then blown off.

Mowing Of Lawn, As Wished

Mowing is the maximum primary practice for keeping a lush lawn. Mowing performed at the best height and frequency is important to the health and density of the stand. Removing leaf tips induces plants to form new sprouts, increasing stand density. Mowing can have an effect on water quality, additionally. A healthy stand can withstand extra pest pressure and needs fewer pest control inputs.

As the winter season involves a close it is essential to homeowners and businesses to accurately plan out their garden care in a timely fashion. Spring clean up is one of the first services of the season to be performed, taking vicinity throughout the latter part of March all the way to the first part of may. For photo perfect landscape, entrust your projects and lawn care to a reputable nearby landscaping carrier. Establish a schedule in the spring to make sure your home is well cared for during the relaxation of the year.

Considering Spring Clean Up? Innovative Landscape Solutions Inc provides professional Residential and Commercial Lawn care, Maintenance services in all over Middlesex County MA.

Contact us! or call 978-407-5995 for assistance.

Fall cleanup

Leaving the leaves creates several troubles on your garden.

Leaves on the lawn suffocate the garden by depriving the turf of important oxygen.
Leaves on the garden deprive grass plants of needed sunlight. This can cause brown patches and/or dead patches in the lawn.
Leaves on the lawn entice moisture within the turf that can create fungus problems.
Leaf clean-up in only one aspect in assuring that your yard seems its great come next spring. A whole fall clean-up is the important thing to getting ready your landscape for a long winter’s nap and making sure that it awakes happy and healthy in the spring. no one likes a cranky yard.

What else is essential for a final fall clean-up?

The garden must be mowed shorter than normal (around three inches) to prevent fungus issues.
Trim and shape hedges and shrubs one last time for a neat winter look and to prevent snow and ice damage.
Deadwood or cross branches need to be pruned to dispose of the chance of pest troubles.
Eliminate all leaves, twigs, branches, and debris from lawn and planting beds.
Perennial flowers must be “dead-headed” to increase growth in the spring.
Fall manure high in natural phosphorus must be applied to promote healthy turf growth in the spring.
Mulch must be turned and roughed up for a neat look and to remove any mold that can be set in.
Putting in the money or time for a proper fall clean-up will not only repay come spring with a lovely and healthy yard, however, may also have matters looking fantastic for those Christmas lights and decorations.

Considering Fall cleanups? Innovative Landscape Solutions Inc provides professional Residential and Commercial Lawn care Maintenance services in all over Middlesex country  MA. Contact us! or call 978-407-5995 for assistance.

Pest and weed control.

Pruning shrubs.

Dealing with mulch and perennial division.

Lawn aeration

Lawn aeration is a very crucial aspect of Lawn Maintenance. Most of the people neglect this, and it leads to patchy or dry lawn. Lawn aeration allows water and vital nutrients to reach all the roots of grass and plants in Lawn. The process helps the roots to grow more deeply and produce a healthy and beautiful Lawn. Furthermore, a well-aerated lawn will help save money on your water bill and time on your yard work and also less water will go much further in a garden.

Tight soil or less aerated soil prevents the roots from getting established and also prevents water and nutrients from reaching the roots. So aeration is most important work that is to be done on the Lawn from time to time.

Aeration is the antidote to the densely compacted soil, which may be present on a lawn that gets heavy foot traffic, or which is planted on a soil base that is heavy in clay content. It rarely is necessary where soils are on the sandy side.

How to know that Lawn needs Aeration?

One of the typical question that every Lawn owner gets in his mind.You can just know it by just asking yourself some simple question.

Does the Lawn have heavy usage? Like from children, pets and also cycles from your children?
Is your house a newly constructed project with a Lawn in it?
Are there patches in your garden and the soil is quickly getting dried out?
Is the water in the Lawn is getting drained out fastly?
If the answers to the above questions are yes, then your Lawn needs immediate attention and aeration process has to start.

Best time for Aeration process

Most of them think that spring is the ideal time for Aeration. Aeration process is discouraged in spring because it’s the right time for the weeds to germinate. Weeds seeds (especially crabgrass) are the first seeds to grow in the spring, and aerating the lawn just stirs them up and gives them an ideal home. If spring overseeding is the goal, slice seeding can be done, or seed can be sown and topdressed to provide adequate germination conditions. The very best time to aerate is when the temperatures have cooled down when there is the minimum pressure of the weed and grass is growing actively.

Now, what does the process of Aeration involve?

Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots, helping the roots grow deeper and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction. Compacted soils have too many solid particles in a particular volume or space, which prevents proper circulation of air, water, and nutrients within the earth. Excess lawn thatch or heavy organic debris buried under the grass surface can also starve the roots from these essential elements.

Benefits of Aeration

After all the aeration is done, you can witness the benefits by yourself. Other than having greener, healthier Lawn, you can also save money on the water bill and helps to conserve our natural resources.

Greener and more beautiful Lawn
Increases the water intake of the plants
Enhances the absorption of oxygen, water, and nutrients
Stronger roots for the grass.
Reduces pudding.

Weed services


1. Weeds Compete with Other Garden Plants for Food

The main problem with the weeds is that they compete for all the resources given to the lawn. The grass in the garden has to struggle to get minimum needs like the water and micronutrients. Weeds can grow faster and take away all the resources from the lawn. Once fully grown, the weeds are tough to remove.

2. Weeds Spread Diseases

Weeds are prone to diseases quickly. The weeds attract most of the insects that infest your lawn. The insects also affect your yard and spread diseases.

3. Weeds Build Natural Homes for Pests

Weeds are the best place for all the pests that are very harmful to your lawn and plants. These pests are detrimental to plants and grass in the garden. When the weeds have removed, the pests hiding are exposed to the natural elements, forcing them to move away from your lawn.

4. Weeds Grow into Buildings and Structures

You might think small weeds do not have much impact on your lawn. But the weeds have strong roots that help them to move into your house and also extend pressure on the hardscape rocks in your garden. The rocks might face the risk of cracking if there are weeds in the lawn. The weeds can get through the pathways and patios.

5. Weeds Create a Non-fertile Zone

Certain weeds have the property of making the surrounding soil infertile. There are some compounds called allelopathic, which make the soil non-fertile. This is the main advantage of the particular plants that can survive in those conditions. These weed compounds can destroy your lawn.

6. Weeds Block the Sunlight

Sunlight is essential for grass and plants to prepare food. Some types of weeds in your lawn grow very fast that they can even block the daylight for rest of the plants in the yard. By weeding a garden, you can help the grass to absorb the right amount of sunlight for the photosynthesis process.


Weeding a Lawn is a time-consuming and a tough job for any homeowner, also if you don’t apply expert weed removal and control methods, the weeds may welcome you back in your lawn. So, hiring professional weed removal services is always a wise decision to keep your home, family, and garden free from weeds and diseases. Is your lawn affected by uncontrollable weeds or if you want to prevent them? Contact Innovative Landscape Solutions Inc which provides complete lawn care services including a customized weed removal program for lawns, contact to us for free estimate.

Hardscape Services


Hardscaping involves the creation of structures using solid materials like stones, wood, and others. The stones look attractive in any season and also require less maintenance. In hardscaping you have the scope of creating extra space, this additional space formed can be used to set up the furniture of your choice or even fireplaces too. The hardscapes not only add beauty to your house but also increase the value of your home.

Functionality is the key in the hardscaping structures, and you could design those structures in such a way that they are not only visually appealing but also make you proud when staring. Advanced planning and design patterns are required to have a unique finished outcome in your backyard.

Here are Some of the Hardscaping Design Ideas for Small Backyards

1. Patios :

Patios - Hardscaping Ideas for Backyards

Patios create a necessary space for you in the backyard. you can create an outdoor seating area added with furniture or can create a connecting outdoor kitchen, pavilion etc. You can have patios build up with stones like flagstone or travertine. The natural stones have a look that cannot be had with human-made materials like concrete. A perfectly designed patio would be a definite hangout place for your whole family.

2. Walkways :

Walkways - Hardscaping Ideas for Backyards

After having different hardscapes structures in your lawn, it’s time to have a path connecting them. Stone pathways can be built to have the capacity to bear the heavy traffic in the backyard. Walkways can also be used as the passage for coming and going out of the home. Sidewalks should also be constructed in such a way that they compliment the patios of your home. Designing the pathways with natural stones adds an appeal to the backyard.

3. Steps :

Steps - Hardscaping Ideas for Backyards

Even if the house is old or modern, steps play an essential role in your property. Steps are the main place providing entry and exit for your home. Design the steps with attractive stone patterns to add beauty to your home.

4. Firepits and Fireplaces :

Firepits and Fireplaces - Hardscaping Ideas for Backyards

A fireplace is very important for any house. Most of the furnaces are designed inside the house. But for a change, you can also have the firepit in your backyard. The fireplace can also be set up on the patios that create a pleasant ambiance and space to gather around.

5. Retaining Walls :

Retaining Walls - Hardscaping Ideas for Backyards

Most of the people think that walls are necessary only for structural purposes and are mostly unattractive. Right designed retaining walls can also create space for you in the patios. Walls of little height can be used for seating. The retaining walls are mainly constructed around the seating area of a patio and often add character to the area.

6. Drive Ways :

Drive Ways - Hardscaping Ideas for Backyards

Many of the driveways are formed in the backyard, so the paths have become a part of the back lawn. You cannot ignore the look of the driveways. Stone pillars and decorative boulders are some of the ways to increase the beauty of the driveways.

7. Pergolas :

Pergolas - Hardscaping Ideas for Backyards

A pergola is a feature that is designed in the backyard to provide shade between the walkways. A careful designing of pergolas can add more beauty to your lawn. Dress up the area with lights so that the area looks more attractive.

8. Outdoor Kitchens :

Outdoor Kitchens - Hardscaping Ideas for Backyards

An outdoor kitchen is one of the features that is getting popular now. This new trend will take your outdoor living space to the next level. By adding an outdoor kitchen, you can cook, dine and honestly get the maximum use of your space. Outdoor kitchen mainly includes a built-in grill, counter space, a sink etc. Now some people are trying to add more items like a refrigerator, oven also.


Hardscaping designs could be an added advantage for your backyards. You need to have a Professional Hardscape Designer for the garden to be designed in the way you like. We at Innovative Landscape Solution Inc transforming properties in and around Middlesex, MA with the mesmerizing front yard and backyard hardscaping ideas on your budget. Contact us or Call us at 978-407-5995 for more details or to get a Free Estimate.